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Provider: Nettv    District belong to:Russia     2020-03-25 20:33

Russian Travel Guide is an international documentary and travel television channel that airs programs covering nature, science, culture, and history of the Russian Federation.
Russian Travel Guide TV is an international documentary television channel focused on the cultural and geographical variety of the world's largest country. RTG TV broadcasts wholly owned, high-quality content in both English and Russian, also in Turkish. Through engaging documentary films, RTG TV gives a wider perspective on Russian history, culture, cuisine, nature and open-air adventures. With never-before-seen documentaries available only on RTG TV, viewers can take part in challenging breakthroughs in the discovery of unexplored locations. RTG TV has twice been awarded as Best Documentary Channel. The cable TV operators of Europe, Russia and CIS countries are showing very high levels of interest in RTG TV, and over 500 of them have already included the channel in their networks.
RTG TV broadcasts 24 hours a day. Premium content, updated weekly, brings diverse regional and cultural perspectives covering the following subjects: nature, the animal world, active holidays, hunting and fishing, cruises and tours, city walks, people, culture, religion, history, ethnography, cuisine, science and technology, resorts. 




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